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If you are looking for a reputable and high quality dentist who will work closely with you to give you a healthy and beautiful smile, one that will last a long time and will feel perfectly natural, you have come to the right place. Dr. Buzz Raymond focuses on highly individualized care, addressing the issues that are important to you and working at a pace comfortable for you.

Mission statement

Our mission is to help people get healthier by giving them individualized attention, sensitive and empathetic listening, and high quality dentistry. Our team is friendly, hard working, and a group of caring individuals who are dedicated to improving your health and encouraging excellent and appropriate health choices.

We believe that people appreciate being listened to, being treated with sensitivity, caring, and respect, and having a trusting relationship with their dentist and the entire team.

Beautiful, natural-looking results

You want a beautiful smile and you want it to be your own. Many people have seen (or had) cosmetic dental work that looks unnatural, and know that is not what they want. Cosmetic dentistry can mimic the beauty of natural teeth, if done with the right care and knowledge.

Spending time with you

Our practice is relationship-based. Dr. Raymond finds that he has more success when he takes the time to understand who each patient is and what they want.

Your goals may be health, beauty, strength, value, or longevity. We want to know your goals and circumstances in order to plan for you the most appropriate options. By taking the time to learn about you and your concerns, we hope to inform, and educate you about the possibilities. We encourage you to actively participate in the planning. If you are feeling anxious about dental visits, Dr. Raymond can take the fear out of dentistry.

Our website is full of informative pages to help you get started. We suggest that you begin by reading about Common Cosmetic Dental Problems and our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are looking for high-quality dentistry in St. Paul, Minnesota, or the Golden Valley area, we would love to meet you.  We do serve patients throughout Hennepin County and beyond. An initial consultation is the perfect chance to get to know us, and it is free. Please contact us today to schedule a meeting with Dr. Buzz Raymond.


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